Editing Trip Details

Mileage Log lets you quickly and easily append trip details you may need to satisfy corporate policies or government reporting requirements. To get started, tap the ‘Trip Details’ link.

You can take the following actions on the ‘Trip Details’ page:

  1. Edit Starting and Ending Address Alias.
    Heuristic search is supported, so when you start entering an address, matching locations will appear in a suggestion bar.
  2. Classify the trip*.

    * NOTE: In order for Mileage Log to be able to calculate your travel expense, a trip classification must be selected.

  3. Add tolls and parking expenses.
  4. Add a trip purpose.
    A suggestion bar will appear when you start entering your purpose.
  5. Identify the vehicle used for the trip.
    Add or edit the vehicles you want to use in Mileage Log in Settings > General > Vehicle. A suggestion bar will appear when you start entering your vehicle information.
  6. Include helpful notes about the trip.
  7. Enable the ‘Auto Classify’ function.
    The Auto Classify function is used to classify future trips with the same starting and ending locations as the current trip. When a match is found, Mileage Log will automatically classify these trips the same as the current trip. If the ‘toll and parking’ option is checked, then the expenses recorded in the current trip, purpose and vehicle information are all automatically carried over to the new trips.