Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide to using Mileage Log:

  1. First time access: setup the following:
    1. Location: Mileage Log needs to access your Location (GPS) in order to record your trips (even when the app is not open)
    2. Motion & Fitness Activity: Mileage Log uses your iPhone's Motion & FItness function to more accurately track your trip.
    3. Notifications: Works in the background and can provide notifications to you including icon badges (# of unclassified trips) and other alerts.
    4. Cloud Storage: Select a Cloud provider to let Mileage Log automatically backup and export your trip reports (monthly and annual reports).
  2. The default start page is the Unclassified Trips page. After your initial setup, this page will be empty, but will fill up as your trips get recorded. Mileage Log runs in the background and you do not need to have the app open for trips to be automatically logged.
  3. Classify your trips quickly or add some additional information:
    1. To quickly classify a new trip, tap on one of the 'Quick Buttons'.
    2. To add some details about the new trip, tap on Trip Details option.
    3. Pinch together two trips to merge them (you can also unmerge trips).
  4. Use the Auto Classify function to classify future trips that you take to and from the same locations. Auto Classify runs in the background and trips that are classified in this manner are marked by an 'Auto' label.
  5. Use the 'Review' trips page to view all your trips that have been classified. Filter and search your classified trips to locate the information you need.
  6. Use the Reports page to get detailed summaries of your classified trips, in either a monthly or yearly view. Export your reports as either a PDF or a CSV file.
    In addition, when you have connected Mileage Log to your Cloud account, the monthly and yearly reports will automatically be generated and stored there. Mileage Log creates the following folder, depending on which Cloud provider you use:
    • iCloud:
      iCloud Drive/MileageLog/reports
    • Dropbox:
      Dropbox Folder/Apps/MileageLog/reports

You are now ready to go! Start driving and let Mileage Log take care of tracking your trips!