Reviewing All Your Trips

Trips that have been classified are summarized in the ‘Review’ page. The classified trips are sorted by month, with the most current month’s classified trips listed first. Filters and a search bar are available to help you locate specific classified trips based on your keywords.

  1. Filter options: Choose filter options
    You can filter the list of classified trips by one or more of the following categories:
    • By classification
    • By trip type
    • Trips with parking expense only
    • Trips with tolls only
    • Search
      Enter keywords to locate specific classified trips.(such as location, classification, notes, etc.)
  2. Date Filter: Select a month
    Tap on a month and the list of classified trips will automatically jump to display trips for that month.
  3. Summary of all classified trips for the month.
    Get a high level overview of all trips taken for a given month, including:
    • Total number of trips
    • Total miles for all the trips
    • Value for all the trips
  4. Trip summaries
    Each classified trip is summarized, showing the classification, starting and ending destinations, total mileage for the trip and the calculated value.
    Tap on the trip to access the ‘Trip Details’ page. Refer to the ‘Editing Trip Details’ section for help about this page.

You can take the following actions for a trip summary:

  1. Delete a trip summary by swiping it to the left of the screen.
  2. Pinch together two trip summaries to merge them*.

    * NOTE: To unmerge the trips, tap the merged trip summary to enter the ‘Trip Details’ page.

  3. Access the ‘Trip Details’ page* by tapping on the trip summary.

    * NOTE: Refer to the ‘Editing Trip Details’ section for help about this page.