Viewing Trip Reports

The Reports page provides detailed summaries of your trips.

  1. Report period options: (a) Monthly or (b) Yearly
  2. Tap the time period to change it. Applies to both the monthly and yearly options.
  3. Export
    Reports may be exported as either: (a) PDF or (b) CSV file.
  4. Add a trip manually
    Refer to the ‘Adding a Trip Manually’ section for help about this page.
  5. Summary of classified trips
    Summarizes all classified trips for the selected time period and displays the data in a series of donut chart. The trip data provided in the report include:
    • Classification type
    • Total number of trips for each classification
    • Total miles for each classification
    • The calculated value for each classification
    • Sum total of all classified trips along with associated miles and value for the selected time period
    View a donut chart for each of the following summaries: (1) Trips, (2) Miles and (3) Value by swiping the chart left or right.